Unbelievable Space Hack Turns a Knee Sleeve into a Painkiller

"NASA Compression Technology Finds Second Life On Earth"

NASA technology often finds a second use as regular products here on Earth. Everything from artificial limbs to space blankets started life as NASA creations.

But, one retired NASA engineer has brought a little known astronaut secret to Earth, and is changing people’s lives one step at a time!

Space Technology Turned to Revolutionary Knee Support

Introducing Circa Knee, a compression knee sleeve that eliminates pain, by applying compression from the same materials NASA uses in the clothing astronauts wear aboard the International Space Station.

This material was created to enhance blood flow to crucial joints and areas of the body, allowing astronauts to avoid losing muscle while in zero gravity. But, here on Earth, the same technology provides stability, pain relief, and protection to the knee.

A Exoskeleton for Your Knee that Doesn’t Limit Movement

By combining modern materials like Tetrafluoroethylene & Polytetrafluoroethylene, better known as Teflon, NASA engineers were able to create a sturdy, tough and strong, knee sleeve that doesn’t limit your movement in any way.

The Circa Knee is still breathable and cool to wear because of its woven construction. This allows the Circa Knee to breathe, so you don’t get hot, uncomfortable, or itchy. The added double bandage design allows you to adjust the compression, and make sure it fits just right.

Protect, Repair, and Strengthen Your Knees

Circa knee is a new type of compression bandage that gives your knees the type of natural support they've lost over the years.

So what if your ligament has deteriorated with age? This compression bandage is the ideal replacement!

Here's how this compression bandage has already restored mobility and erased pain for millions:

Circa Knee Is More Effective Than Any Other Bandage

Circa Knee isn't your typical knee sleeve, instead it fits uniquely over the knee. It sits comfortably and lies square over the joint. Circa Knee restores mobility and eases pain in three critical ways:

    1. Circa Knee restores 99% of mobility. The support points of the bandage apply precisely to typical problem areas of the knee. The result: When moving, areas that suffer particularly from age-related wear and tear or typical knee injuries, are given special support. This greatly reduces the friction between the bones lying on top of one another. The missing cartilage is almost completely compensated for by the special compression function of the bandage.

    2. Circa Knee actively relieves pain. The bandage is made of an elastic, warming material. Research has found heat therapy is particularly effective for knee pain. The knee support is manufactured so that heat can be collected precisely at the points of the knee that are typically most affected by pain. This is the same reason Circa Knee is becoming famous among runners for supporting achy knees.

    3. Circa Knee heals and protects into the future. Due to the way the compression sleeve fits, it provides balanced compression which helps the knee heal AND maintain its freedom of movement at the same time. It also acts as a shield to help protect your knee from clumsy and painful bumps. It's really a unique product that helps support, heal, and protect your knees all at the same time!

phone on couchOne Knee Bandage, Thousands In Savings!

With Circa Knee you can finally restore 99% of the mobility to your life. It will also save you a lot of money!

Cortisone ointments, ibuprofen, and other over the counter treatments cost hundreds of dollars every year and there's no guarantee they'll fix the problem. In fact, overusing some of the most commong OTC drugs for pain treament can permanently damage your liver. At some point, you might even need to go through a costly and risky surgery. 

Why not spend a mere fraction of what you'd spend on all those things to see if this solution, which has worked so well for millions, can also work for you? You'll have so much money left over to spend on a fancy vacation or simply pad your account.

You Can Get Circa Knee For $29.99

Circa Knee is available for just $29.99. And that's not all! It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which has been praised by experts and customers alike.

But, here’s the catch… You better act fast if you want to get your hands on Circa Knee. Due to increased demand for these materials, the small manufacture doesn’t know how much longer they’ll be able to produce this product.

Billionaire owned Tech Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are buying up all these materials and leaving nothing for the little guy… or you!

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EDIT: Due to many of the same questions, we have a message from the manufacturer: The bandages are suitable for men and women. The one size fits all design means Circa Knee will fit any knee without losing its effectiveness (thanks to the elastic support fabric).

Please CLICK HERE to see if the offer is still active.

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